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Corporate Philosophy

We are dedicated to the production of high-quality content for kids.

Providing child-care support through the production of high-quality content for kids.
Fuji Television Kids strives in providing high quality content that encourage children to explore limitless possibilities leading to a better and brighter future.

In order to achieve our aim, we have three keywords:
Living Slowly, Our Children, and Thinking Skills

Living Slowly

Spend more time in listening and talking to children, and keep warmly watch over as they grow at their own pace. It is essential for adults to slow down and give full attention to children as they grow.

The world today goes through changes at a very fast pace. Living in such fast-moving society is not an ideal environment for children to achieve full potential and explore infinite curiosity. For children preschool age and younger, their surrounding environment has a remarkable influence on their personality development and building a strong foundation for their futures.

Slow pace and repetition are essential factors for children's growth development. However in the reality, children are often hurried and rushed by adults because of their hectic lifestyles.

It is vital for adults to realize the importance of slowing down and living more mindfully. Thus we encourage all adults to live a slower-paced life and be more mindful in raising children.

Our Children

As a society, everyone is responsible for all children and their well-being. In the aim of creating a nurturing environment for our children, we encourage all people in the society to acknowledge that all children as "our children" and share the spirit of cooperation in caring for our children.

In recent years, there are increasingly more adults whose lives are completely detached from children while there are those who are putting their utmost efforts to child-raising. Creating a positive environment for children to develop healthy mind and body requires more collaborative effort by the public at large than just by some portion of the society. We hope to inspire all adults to be closely involved in the development of children, take part in creating the better environment and support children in every possible way because all children are our children.

Thinking Skills
in Children

Developing thinking skills is essential for children to grow to become independent. It is the most important abilities to navigate through life as human-beings.

In today's society, a wide variety of materials that help to expand and enrich children's sensitivity are more readily available than ever before. Although self-expression may differ for each child, children build remarkable sensitivity as they grow, and it is beyond our expectations. For many years, much emphasis has been placed on academic and emotional development while thinking skill was left overlooked. In fact, thinking skills are vital skills in life that help children learn how best to live his or her life in the society. What should we do as adults to encourage children to develop and strengthen their thinking skills? What type of training is essential? We will continue our efforts towards the goal of shared awareness as well as in seeking and proposing effective trainings.

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